Day 5 in the MTC

What a great day we had.  Today was the last day for over about half of the missionaries in our group.  Many will start driving to their areas on Monday morning.  The couples going to the Mormon Trail Missions have two more days and I think I’m the only one that has four more days at the MTC.  So it was a day of goodbyes and well wishing.  It’s incredible how you can make such good friends in a week when you are doing good together.

Today we met with visitors.  We had ten minutes to talk with them and get to know them and then ten minutes to prepare a 20 minute lesson again.  I had a great young man who is a BYU student.  He is hoping to be a seminary teacher but is struggling because he has been home for two years from his mission and has no prospects for marriage.  In order to be a seminary teacher you have to be married.  He is feeling the pressures of finding a girl and also the pressures of the competitiveness for the few seminary positions available.  He is also studying Hebrew.  After talking for a bit my companion and I came to realize he also is suffering from anxiety which is a new thing for him and it makes him feel guilty and depressed.  What a sweet spirit we felt as he talked about his dreams and hopes for schooling, life and the church.  I couldn’t help but think after this experience why anyone wouldn’t want to volunteer to come in for these exercises.  You must leave feeling blessed and uplifted.  Free counseling in a way.  If you are reading this and live in Utah County, you should consider finding out how to be a volunteer for investigator and teaching practices.

We took our final District picture with our fabulous morning teachers, Sister Richins and Sister C… (I’ll have to fill this in later).  I’m drawing a blank.  Again, I am so impressed with the caliber of these teachers and the spirit they carry with them.

I’m looking forward to a weekend home to listen to conference and enjoy my grandkids.  But I’m also so excited to get going and discover all I have to do in Scotland.

Our district with our morning teachers

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