Day 2 in the MTC

Today was a busy day with large group meetings and classes with my district.  We work with teachers that are fairly new returned missionaries. They are great and so prepared and capable.  I am amazed at how well they handle themselves and the task of teaching us.

We took pictures today. A lot of the senior missionaries that are here this week are Mormon Trail Missionaries.  They will be taking their 5th Wheels to places like Martin’s Cove, Rocky Ridge, Sixth Crossing and Cove Fort.  There are two other Sister missionaries who came together and will be serving in Colorado Springs, CO as Women’s Auxiliary Support (WAS).

Today at lunch I was able to fulfill a promise to a friend as I found her son and took his picture. Elder Whitlock and Blaze have been in plays together at Hale Theater so it was fun to send his mom a picture.  Also, at lunch I saw a familiar person walk by so I hurried and finished eating and went in search to make sure I saw who I thought I saw.  Sure enough, there was Brother Lords from my Canterbury ward.  He is a District Leader at the MTC now.  It was nice to see him.

Being Tuesday, there is a devotional in the evening.  The MTC choir practices at 5:15 and the devotional starts at 7:00.  I decided it would be fun to sing in the choir so I headed over to practice. We sang one of my favorite songs, Consider the Lilies.  I sat by some great young Sisters who are heading to Hungry. They have already been in the MTC for six weeks and have three to go.  I loved talking with them and feeling their enthusiasm.  I look at all the young Sisters as my young women that I have left behind and feel such a connection with them.

The devotional was wonderful. The speaker was S. Mark Palmer of the Seventies. He is from New Zealand, currently serving in Africa.  He will also be speaking in General Conference this Sunday.

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