First Day of the MTC

Preach My Gospel Training

Since I’m staying at home during my MTC experience I drove myself to the MTC.  The young Elder who greeted me when I arrived asked me where I was from and it turned out he too is from Highland.  I took his picture and sent it to his mom.  She was so excited to see her boy looking so happy and he was excited to see if she had written back when I saw him again later that day.

Picking up my packet, flight information and my badge was quick and easy. Everyone was so nice and full of smiles making us feel right at home and valued.  The first people I met were the Cole’s from Chorley England.  They know my mission president well and told me all kinds of stories about him.  They love him and say he is a giant of a man.  Elder and Sister Cole are a sweet couple heading to Temple Square Visitor’s Center so if you go to see the new films and run into these wonderful people, tell them hi from me.

Elder and Sister Cole

The highlight of the day was meeting a special companionship in the Coates family.  Elder and Sister Coates from Sparks, Nevada wanted to go on a mission but was worried because of their son who did not meet the specifications of being able to serve a mission.  They knew they would not be able to serve if they couldn’t include him in their mission.  After many attempts to be accepted as missionaries they were able to finally be approved and are going to Sharon, Vermont to be over facilities.  Marky, their son is going to learn to drive a tractor.  I sat with them during our opening meeting where we met President and Sister Martino, the MTC President.  As per tradition the opening song was Called To Serve and Marky was asked to conduct.  A sweet, strong spirit filled the room as Elder Coates stood behind his son, supporting him as Marky led the singing – singing every word and making everyone in the room cry.  What an inspiration they are going to be for those they work with and meet in Vermont.

Elder and Sister Coates along with their son – Marky.

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