Day 7 at the MTC

I finished up at the MTC today.  We came up with all kinds of scenarios to test me in every aspect of the office.  I know that I’m over housing and phones but I trained for vehicles, general secretary and travel as well since we had so much time.  We role-played contacting and inviting people to let us come and teach a lesson about Christ.  We bore our testimonies.  I met one more teacher today, Brother Barham from Sandy, Utah.  He was also a great teacher and he spent the entire day with me today.

Final things I did was go pay my bill for the cafeteria and check-out at the front desk.  I stopped and said good-bye to a few new friends that were finishing up their last classes for visitors center and Mormon Trail.  Sister Cole and I talked about how we will both be equal distance away from our grandchildren for the next 18 months and together we can do this.  Elder Cole gave me a list of friends that are in Scotland and what to say to each of them when I meet them.

On the way out I was walking down a hall to head out the door and I noticed a door ajar with a man sitting inside.  I happened to glance at the name plate on the door and it was President Dan Mehr.  He was my bishop when I was in 26th Ward.  I also had no idea that he was a District President at the MTC so I knocked and we had a nice visit.

Finishing up my office classes two days early is a blessing.  I now have two days during my grandkids Spring Break to enjoy them.  I have lots of errands to do in the morning but then we are heading to the Aquarium and then to This is the Place Monument on Thursday.  Tender mercies…

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  1. Congratulations! We are so pleased you will be on your way soon!

    Love you lots,
    Russ and Carolyn Hanson

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