My journey to Scotland

I am so glad I obeyed the suggestion and got to the airport with just over two hours before my flight.  There has been terrible weather back east so many flights have been canceled or delayed.  I stood in line just to get my boarding pass for over an hour.  That was the longest hour of the whole journey.  Satan knows when you are vulnerable.  I had just said goodbye to my family and even though the emotions are not the same as when you are sending your son or daughter off, everyone was sad and happy at the same time.  I left knowing I would still be in contact all the time and it wouldn’t be the same as waiting for P-Day to hopefully get an informed email from my child.  But standing in line wondering if I was even going to get time to grab a drink of water and go to the restroom (which I didn’t get time for either) I began to have many doubts and feelings of what in the world am I doing.  Good thing my friend Windy was messaging me because I talked it all out with her and finally got to the counter and on my way.

I was to fly direct to Amsterdam and then change planes for a short flight to Scotland but the Amsterdam plane was delayed four hours.  Since my layover was less than an hour that wasn’t going to work so they got me the last seat on a plane to New York.  Told me to run to the gate and they would hopefully get my luggage on that plane.  If not, they would get it on the next and they assured me it would make it to Edinburgh at about the same time.

We boarded the plane on time but we were delayed in taking off so by the time we landed in New York my connecting flight was already boarding, I thought.  I grabbed my 45 pound carry-on and ran again.  My advice to anyone planning on traveling with a carry-on, don’t go for cute.  Go for wheels.  I went for cute, wrong choice.

Luckily when I hurried to the connections board I saw my plane to Edinburgh was also delayed by three hours so I thankfully found a restroom and grabbed a slice of New York pizza.  Best ever.  I talked to my grandkids on the phone and savored my bottled water and pizza in a corner of a very busy gate area.

I decided I better let my mission president know that I was not on the flight they thought I was on, and that the flight I was on was not going to be landing when it was supposed to.  I knew it was 3:30AM in Scotland but I sent him a text apologizing if it woke him up.  He wrote right back and was glad for the information.

After landing in Scotland I found my luggage and my mission president, his wife, my roommate and the sister I’m replacing without any trouble.  We got in a van and took off.  It is warm and green here.  I heard there was a snow storm going on at home.  I was wide awake and excited to look around so we went straight to the office.  I made a comment that every time Sister Donaldson would turn around to talk to me I got nervous since she was sitting where the driver “should” be.  The steering wheel is on the “wrong” side. I said I hope I get used to that and President Donaldson said well you will before the day is over because your car is at the office waiting for you.  So yes, I drove on my very first day to my flat!!

The mission home and office are connected in a building that is very old.  It is beautiful on a beautiful piece of land.  Green and lovely.  We sat outside for a bit on a bench and enjoyed the sun.  Then we got to work learning some of what I need to know.

After awhile Sister Dent and I dropped Sister Clark (who I’m replacing) off at her hotel and we lugged my luggage up the stairs to the 2nd floor and into our flat.  It’s a perfect place.  We each have our own bedroom and our own bathroom.  I think I broke my toilet though.  I have it all open and a hanger holding the ball up so it will quit running and I can’t get it to flush so I’m going to have to see what I did and hopefully get it fixed.

Sister Dent and I got into our P-Day clothes and walked to the grocery store.  It’s a couple miles away but it was such a nice day the walk was great.  I bought a few things to tide me over until Monday, not really having any idea what I will really want.  Then we had dinner at McDonald’s inside the store.  It tasted like home.

We took a double-decker bus home since we both had a few grocery sacks and I unpacked then went to bed.

Of course I was awake by 3:30AM and I am hoping I can get my schedule straightened out soon.  Today is now Sunday and I have an appointment with my Bishop, Bishop Haws, at 10:15.  Church starts at 10:30. This will be an interesting day.  I have no idea what to expect.

Here is a picture of Sister Dent, my roommate.  And a picture with President and Sister Donaldson.

4 thoughts on “My journey to Scotland

  1. Fun post, Lori!! So glad to know you made it safely! You look great and not jet lagged a bit! Yes, you missed a doozie of a snow storm yesterday! Can’t wait to keep up with you and all your adventures! Hugs and prayers being sent your way!!

  2. So happy for you Lori! You will be a great missionary because you are such a delightful person! Missions are not always easy, but most definitely worth it!
    Enjoyed reading your blog. It reminded us of our own missionary experiences and you are right, Satan throws every frustration at you that he can, but the Lord’s work will continue to be done.

    We wish you much success and happiness every day of your mission.
    Clair & Marcella

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