Rosslyn Chapel

Today is P-Day and after spending the morning at the car repair place we decided to take a trip over to Rosslyn Chapel.  You may remember Rosslyn Chapel if you are a fan of Tom Hanks or The DaVinci Code.  This is the chapel that they end up at in the movie.

It’s an incredible place.  I have seen some beautiful cathedrals before and plenty of gothic cathedrals but this is something else entirely.  It was built in 1446, taking 40 years to complete.  It is not a large building like cathedrals I have been in before, but much smaller and maybe that’s why it is just called a chapel.  Because that is really all it is, the chapel.  A place for baptism has been added on but it is modern, because this is still a place of worship.  The entire chapel is made of stone including the tall buttress ceiling.  But amazingly ever inch of the stone seems to have carvings entirely filling every surface.  They wouldn’t allow photography inside the chapel so I kept my phone in my pocket, except for when I went down to the crypt where The DaVinci Code is filmed and I snapped one quick picture.  No one was around and they said not to take pictures because it is distracting to others.

There is a cat who lives in the chapel and he was lazily sleeping on a bench.  I wanted to take a picture of him but I couldn’t since it was in the chapel.  But I did buy a children’s book called William the Cat and the Rescue of Rosslyn Chapel.  I’m very excited to read it and then pass it along to my grandchildren.  (I bought two, don’t worry.)  They also had a Ropes and Ladder game made about the chapel.  I didn’t buy it but it was tempting.

I will add a couple more pictures of the chapel and then sign off for the day.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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