Week 36: A quiet week, Zoo Lights, Glasgow

I always sit down after a long Saturday of doing something and try to look back on my week.  I always think I didn’t really do much this week so my blog is going to be short and then by the time I get done it is over a thousand words again.  And here I am again thinking the same thing so we will see how it goes.

It really was a quiet week because the President and Sister Donaldson were gone to Thurso and Inverness all week.  Next week is moves planning (already) and I was caught up on transfer board cards so it was a nice week in the office.  I even got some studying done each day at my desk which rarely happens.

Edinburgh Castle across Princes Street.
Part of the Christmas Festivities in Edinburgh

Monday evening Sister Gifford and I decided to drive into the city and find a good stationary supply store.  She has been needing some things for her church assignment and I will go to the city any chance I get so we hopped in the car and wondered if there was any chance we would find parking.  The Christmas Market is in full swing now and I know it is pretty hectic in the city again.  We drove right down a small street just between George and Queens Street and immediately found a parking place.  Probably the only one for blocks so we counted that as a blessing and took off walking.  We were quite a ways away from the main Christmas Market and I didn’t expect to see anything festive down on this end but there was some things.  There were about six booths that had trinkets and other things as well as a couple rides and a couple food trucks.  We didn’t notice the crepe truck until after we settled on Five Guys for dinner and were walking back or we would have done that.  It was a pretty cold evening actually and we were freezing by the time we got back to the car but it was so nice to be out at night amid the lights of the city enjoying the hubbub and mood that cities bring.  I like it.

I had to throw this next picture in.  This is Elder Wang and Elder Worley with their new bikes.  They just got them on Monday and they are braving the streets of Edinburgh.  There are so many people on bikes here and it is really scary to me but they are being careful and they are able to go further into the University areas on their bikes than they can walking.  They are probably freezing but they are really excited.

Elder Copeland and Elder Huang

Wednesday we took Elder Winter out for his birthday which is really on Friday, Dec 1 but this was the night that worked for all of us.  We let him choose where to go and he chose Zizzi’s.  So we had a great dinner at Zizzi’s with the Winters.  After dinner I met Sister Irving and Sister Wahlquist at the church to work on family history and indexing with Sam, their new convert.  He is such a great kid.  I hope he gets fellowshipped well in the ward.  He will thrive if he can find a place for himself.

Then on Thursday night we had signed up to take Elder Copeland and Elder Huang out to dinner.  I had been asking them all week where they wanted to go and they just couldn’t decide.  Elder Huang is picky (so he says) and only wanted Chinese.  That worried us since we haven’t seen any Chinese places that look very clean.  He told us the name of the one he would like to go and I pulled it up on Google Maps.  I couldn’t see any parking and it was in a part of town I had never been to.  I asked how they felt about Indian food and Elder Huang didn’t think he would want that.  So I said what about pizza or pasta and they said ok.  Well after trying to decide the best place to take them in the time we had, it turned out we went right back to Zizzi’s.  I don’t mind.  I love Zizzi’s.  But it was a little embarrassing to go two nights in a row.  I’m glad we didn’t have the same waiter.

Thursday was also the day Elder Dunn called and asked if I could help him get to a doctors appointment.  Sister Donaldson is always the one to call first on these things but she was out of town and I really don’t mind running missionaries around so I picked up Elder Dunn and Elder Wood from Haymarket Train Station and ran them to the doctor.  Afterwards I was heading back to drop them back at the train station and asked them if they had had anything to eat that day.  They said no but they would get something when they got home.  I couldn’t put them on an hour long train ride without eating so we drove through McDonald’s and they had a combo meal as we drove to the train station.  That made them happy and me too.

Friday morning Sister Gifford and I went and looked at a couple flats around Edinburgh.  She is trying to find a new flat for the new office couple that is coming in January.  We are losing the place the Winter’s live when they go home.  When I got back from that Sister Irving and Sister Wahlquist asked if I could drive them out to a ladies place who has been inactive for about a year.  She has a 7-year-old boy and has told the Relief Society President she would be willing to let the missionaries come and check on her.  So we drove out to her place hoping to drop in but she wasn’t there.  I spent the rest of the day working on a few projects for President Donaldson and getting my part ready for Zone Conference and moves planning week.

Friday night Sister Gifford and I went to the Edinburgh Zoo.  I had bought tickets on Groupon back in September for this night.  We couldn’t have picked a better night.  The air was warm and there was no rain.  The zoo is filled with Chinese Lanterns and we walked all over the zoo admiring the beautiful lanterns and then watched a show put on by some Chinese dancers that was excellent.  We had such a great time.  This is something I will always remember.  It was a perfect night. 

Today we decided to go to Glasgow since we haven’t ever really done that.  I have been to church there once but we drove to the church and drove home basically that day.  I have never been into the city at all.  I found a place that looked good for lunch on the internet called Tribeca so we had that in mind and I wanted to see the Glasgow Cathedral.  I would have loved to go to the art museum too but I think I wore Sister Gifford out with as much as we did and she didn’t seem too interested in walking around looking at art.  So we didn’t do that.  I bet it would have been good though.  We did go to a large mall in search of a Christmas ornament for Sister Gifford.  It was nice going to Glasgow but it wasn’t the best thing we have ever done.  It was crowded and hard to find parking.  But I’m glad to say we’ve gone there now.

Here are some pictures from today.  Glasgow Cathedral, 

Well it is officially December.  I love you and I hope you each find a way to serve someone this month who is less fortunate than you.  Count your blessings every day.  You have so much and are so blessed.  Pray to find someone who needs something you can give to.

Love you!

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  1. Dear Lori:

    What wonderful experiences and adventures you’re having on your mission! Send me your address so I can send you a Christmas card. Love and miss you my friend. Face time me anytime! Hugs!

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