Week 39: Landon and Ashley have arrived

This week we have been very busy in the office keeping track of which missionaries have received Christmas packages and which have not.  We went shopping to fill in the spaces and wrapped and packaged gifts.  Everyone has made special trips around to the zones to ensure everything got delivered. The APs even took the van over to Ireland with a final load of packages.  We know of a couple problems – one package got sent to Dublin and didn’t arrive until after he was transferred as far away from Dublin as possible. And one package that we sent by DHL and is no where to be found.  In both cases we believe ward members are stepping up and making sure all is well.  We have wonderful members here who love these missionaries and watch out for them.

On Wednesday morning the missionaries got together and cleaned and decorated the home of one such member in Edinburgh who all year feeds them and loves them and is like a grandpa to them. He remembers their birthdays and gives them treats every week. They all love him. He gets cards and letters from old missionaries who will never forget him.

Thursday night was our Relief Society Christmas party. It turned out beautifully. Good food, great entertainment (Meggie played her harp) and lots of ladies came. Many that I haven’t seen at church before. Lucy, our president has worked hard on the fellowshipping and it paid off this night.g

Friday morning Landon and Ashley flew in. They arrived by taxi to the mission home and I got them settled in their hotel, finished up work and then joined them.  We explored the city a bit and then went to Nandos for a late lunch. Sister Gifford came along.

We walked through St Giles Cathedral, took the Mary King’s Close tour and then shopped and walked up and down the mile then had a late dinner at Zizzi’s.  Afterwards we hopped on the bus and they got off across from their hotel and I rode to my stop. I haven’t walked in the dark late at night before and especially not alone. I decided not to cut through the park and walk along the canal like we would usually do. I walked the long way around and made it safely home.

Saturday morning we were up and off to the airport to catch our flight to Dublin. The plane left an hour late which threw our day off a bit but we arrived in Waterford, found our hotel and enjoyed Winterval in Waterford.   This is a great place. It sits right on the water.

Merry Christmas. I love you.


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