Week 61: Baptisms, Dinner in Galashiels, Nashville Tribute Band

We had another nice Sunday.  Our ward took a temple trip on Saturday, which we didn’t go on, but on Sunday a few of our new members talked about their experience going to the temple for the first time to do baptisms.  It was great to hear their fresh, new testimonies and to see fruition from our family history lessons.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Sister Gifford and I had the office to ourselves as the Donaldson’s hosted a couple’s conference.  We held the office down and enjoyed the quiet.  I had lots of work to do but I also took a little time to read and catch up on some of my Book of Mormon class that I’m trying to keep up with from home.  I’m only a few weeks behind and they just started their summer break so I will be caught up very soon now.  And eagerly anticipating the beginning of the next session.  I keep thinking I will be home for the next session but then I realize I will still be here when it starts up again but I’ll be home for about week five or six.  It’s funny how some ways of thinking makes coming home very soon and other ways seem so far away still.  But either way, I’m happy to be here and excited to go home all at the same time.

We got some fun pictures of the missionaries here in Edinburgh this week.  I decided to put one here on my blog so you can see some of the great missionaries that we work with on a daily basis.  We also have two sets of Sister missionaries and one other set of Elders. This is Elder Allen from Arizona; Elder Grant from Millcreek area; Elder Wright from Pleasant Grove (his parents moved there just before he came on his mission.  He grew up in Henderson; Elder Hinckley from Clinton, UT; and Elder Crowley from Farmington, UT.  We have been entertained many times by these young men.  They are a lot of fun and hard working missionaries.  We are missing in this picture Elder Butler and Elder Gedlaman as well as Sisters Allred, Osmond, Belliston and Lough.  Three of these four girls are from Utah (Mapleton, Alpine, Highland) and Sister Belliston is from Michigan.This picture has everyone but the zone leaders – Elder Butler and Elder Gedlaman.


Wednesday night we had two baptisms again in our ward.  Yue Zhang from China  and Nina Becx from the Netherlands.  As usual a great evening to celebrate the gospel and welcome new friends into the ward. 

Thursday after work Sister Gifford and I took a drive to Galashiels to find our sister missionaries there and take them to dinner.  We drove in traffic most of the way so it was a little longer of a trip than we had hoped but it was one of those trips where you are driven by the spirit to go and we were so glad we did.  The day before these girls came across a situation that was very scary for them.  I don’t want to say much because it isn’t my story to tell but they were emotionally drained by this experience and we thought they could use a little pick-me-up.  We took them to dinner at a nice little restaurant that we just happened to find without knowing where we were going and we had a private area to just sit and talk and enjoy really good food.  We grew to love these two girls within minutes.  We knew one of them already but the other was new to Scotland since she had gone directly to Ireland when she arrived a few months ago.  They shared their experience with us and we felt their spirits and love that our Heavenly Father has for them.  They handled a tough situation very well and today were even able to see the good in it.  I have to share one funny part of that day

for them.  Sister McNamara was in the thick of an emergency with a stranger and upset and trying to be strong and work with this person and Sister Schulze was off to the side not wanting to scare the lady by jumping in as well.  So Sister Schulze had a whole difference experience to share.  She told us a police car drove by and just honked at them but didn’t slow down or seem to even notice that some help might be needed.  Then a few minutes later a little old man came walking by with his walker and oblivious to anything that was going on stopped in front of Sister Schulze and asked her if she was enjoying her mission.  Then just started walking away without even waiting for an answer.  He was just out on his morning stroll enjoying the sunshine I guess. So we had a good laugh with them as well.  And as far as the situation, Sister McNamara was prepared and in the right place at the right time to help someone in a very distressing, emotional state.  Sister Schulze is from Germany and Sister McNamara is from California.

Friday we went to Five Guys after work with the Donaldson’s.  So that officially makes it five days in a row this week that we have eaten out.  Who needs a kitchen?  Good thing I guess because our hot water isn’t working and we haven’t been able to figure out what is going on.  Thankfully our showers are electric so they still have hot water.

We also had a baptism again on Friday night.  Another cute Chinese girl.  She goes by Yoyo.  (Hinckley and Crowley)

I have also had a few conversations with our new mission president this week.  We are trying to figure out how we are going to get new office people trained.  The lady replacing me will take over housing because the lady replacing Sister Gifford is a friend of the new president and she will be his secretary.  However, I will already be home by the time she gets here.  We have a few things to figure out still.  Although I know where this is heading and I think I’m going to end us staying an extra week to get them through a transfer.  So I will have to come to terms with that.  I hope it’s a warm fall at home.  I’m not wanting to come home to winter.  But this isn’t the time to stress over that.  Nothing is set yet.  We will have to see in August when we are in the thick of things and see what our new president thinks.

Well, today Sister Gifford and I drove over to New Lanark because they have a really nice gift shop there.  This is where we went a while ago and saw the village that supported a woolen mill.  And we walked along the banks of the Clyde River.  Today we just ran in the store and back out.  We are trying to find something nice for the Donaldson’s when they leave.  We aren’t finding what we want.  We will keep trying.  Since we were in an area we rarely go towards we checked our Points of Interest on our navigation system and saw there was a castle just five miles down the road so off we went.

This is Craignethen Castle. It was built in the 1500’s and looked to be pretty big in it’s day.  It sits in a beautiful valley.

We then drove into a small little village named Bigger which we didn’t think we had been to before but as we drove out we realized that we probably had been there before.  We had lunch at a little cafe and then headed home.

Elder Hinckley, Elder Elton and Elder Huang
Elder James from Provo – he is good to always seek us out and visit for a bit.
We got our pictures with them but I doubt you can even find them in here.

Today the Nashville Tribute Band was in town to play for our missionaries.  It was really fun to have an afternoon of fun while listening to good music.  The missionaries were familiar with their songs and sang along.  The Ireland missionaries and those up in the islands got to watch it on Skype.  The concert only lasted an hour and then it was back to work.  But it was good to see everyone. Well, that wraps up our week.  Monday is once again a bank holiday and President told us to take it off so we have some fun plans in place.

I miss you all and love you.  My prayers are always for you as well.


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